Electric vehicle myths busted

Thinking about making a greener car choice? We've busted some common electric vehicle myths to help you decide.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more common in Australia however there are still myths around the technology. Check out the short video below or read on for more information.

Myth #1: EVs cannot drive long distances

Busted: Many EVs sold in Australia can travel over 400 kilometres (km) before they need to be recharged - with some driving as far as 650km. Most Australian's drive around 33km a day, meaning that many EVs can go for more than a week without needing to recharge.

Myth #2: EVs cost more than conventional cars

Busted: While upfront costs of buying an EV can be more expensive than petrol or diesel cars, the lifetime cost can be cheaper. It's important to consider:

  • running costs - it's cheaper to charge an EV than to fuel up with petrol or diesel, with EVs typically 70% cheaper per kilometre to run
  • servicing costs - there are fewer moving parts (e.g. transmission, head gasket, oil) so regular servicing costs are less expensive
  • affordability - EVs are becoming more affordable as more mid-range EVs are available and the second-hand market grows. There are also a number of state and territory rebates available.

Myth #3: EVs are bad for the environment

Busted:From factory floor to its final drive, an EV will produce far less carbon emissions than a standard petrol or diesel engine.

Since EVs are zero emission vehicles, they do not produce any tailpipe emissions while driving. While emissions may be produced from the power grid to generate electricity for an EV, they produce half the lifetime emissions of a standard fuel vehicle. See the lifecycle emissions page for more information on how you can estimate your emissions from electricity generation.

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