Get Charged For Your Holidays

If you’re hitting the road these holidays, check out our top tips to drive cheaper and greener.

You’ll need to be well-prepared to make sure you have a smooth trip if you’ll be road tripping in an electric vehicle.

It will be especially important to work out when and where you will charge, and how much time this will take.

The Electric Vehicle Council website has a map of public charging stations. It can also pay to check if your accommodation offers charging facilities so you can charge overnight.

You will usually require an app to use paid public charging stations so it can be useful to check which ones you’ll need and download them before you leave on your trip.

Taking a set of adaptor cables is also a good idea so you can charge at any charging station without needing a compatible plug.

Finally, check out other route options for your trip, in case chargers aren’t available or in service.

Planning and being flexible can help make sure your trip is enjoyable, successful … and good for the environment.

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