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Electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to become more common in the future. We have undertaken work on the Green Vehicle Guide (GVG) to enable us to list EVs meeting the necessary standards on the GVG website. Consistent with the treatment of other vehicle types, the listing will be based on the standard testing procedures under the United Nations (UN) Regulations adopted in the Australian Design Rules (ADR), which detail the test methods used for determining exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. The relevant ADRs (ADR 79 and ADR 81/02) adopt the test methods from the UN Regulations (UN R83 and UN R101 respectively).

EVs rate as zero emission vehicles for the ADR tests. Plug in-hybrids are ranked on the basis of the CO2 emissions value from the ADR test. The GVG also reports the air pollution standard to which a plug-in hybrid vehicle is certified under ADR 79.

The standard test for EVs and plug-in hybrids provides test results for energy consumption and range and it is these results that are displayed in the GVG search results for those vehicles.

In recognition of the particular and unique aspects of EV operations, the GVG also provides more detailed information regarding the CO2 emissions aspects of vehicle recharging, highlighting the capacity to deliver a zero vehicle emissions outcome, but also noting the potential for a range of CO2 emissions outcomes.

You can read more about estimating your non-road emissions for EVs and other vehicle types here.

The labelling standard for vehicles (ADR 81/02) was revised in 2010 to require a new Energy Consumption Label for EVs and plug in hybrids. The new label is illustrated below.

Energy consumption label